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Shouldn’t our children feel safe playing around our harbor and streams? And shouldn’t we all feel connected to the natural habitat that surrounds us?

Waterfront Partnership’s Healthy Harbor Initiative works to restore and protect our City’s most valuable asset—the Baltimore Harbor. Millions of gallons of sewage, hundreds of tons of trash, and stormwater runoff are polluting the harbor and streams every year. These conditions are threatening the lives of the fish, crabs, turtles, birds, and river otters that are part of the harbor, and even simple contact with the water can be dangerous due to the threat of waterborne diseases.

We believe the human affinity for nature, fostered by a direct emotional connection with the marine environment, will restore the balance between our city and our bay. Through our Healthy Harbor projects, programs, and partnerships, we are educating the public about what lives beneath the surface and how we can all fight for the urban ecosystem through actions we take.

Clean water means cleaning and greening neighborhoods, and a healthy harbor equals a healthy city.

Click here to learn more about the Healthy Harbor Plan. 


Healthy Harbor Volunteer Day: Oyster Gardening
Healthy Harbor Volunteer Day: Oyster Gardening
Grow oysters with us!
Swimmable Cities Report
Swimmable Cities Report

Paul Gessler
Live on Facebook: WBFF FOX 45 was aboard Mr. Trash Wheel to see how well he handled last night's storm.
Healthy Harbor
The Healthy Harbor Initiative along with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation will be installing 25 oyster cages at the Harbor East
Harbor East Marina to install oyster cages to help reduce harbor water pollution
Harbor East Marina, in support of Healthy Harbor & Chesapeake Bay Foundation's Great Baltimore Oyster Partnership, will be growing oysters
Care About the Ocean? Think Twice About Your Coffee Lid.
Single-use plastic is a problem. Just as plastic accumulates in the Sargassum seaweed in the Atlantic Ocean's Sargasso Sea, it
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Mr. Trash Wheel
"Here's to cleaner water and [Professor Trash Wheel] shattering the trash-collecting glass ceiling."
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Funnel your rage & despair from the debates into a good cause. Join the trash side, we have cool t-shirts. … MrTrashWheel 17 52
The global revolution for clean oceans starts here!
Healthy Harbor shared a link.
Great Baltimore Oyster Partnership - Oyster Planting Day
On Saturday 9/24 volunteers for the Healthy Harbor Initiative and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation built over 100 cages and planted
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