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Shouldn’t our children feel safe playing around our harbor and streams? And shouldn’t we all feel connected to the natural habitat that surrounds us?

Waterfront Partnership’s Healthy Harbor Initiative works to restore and protect our City’s most valuable asset—the Baltimore Harbor. Millions of gallons of sewage, hundreds of tons of trash, and stormwater runoff are polluting the harbor and streams every year. These conditions are threatening the lives of the fish, crabs, turtles, birds, and river otters that are part of the harbor, and even simple contact with the water can be dangerous due to the threat of waterborne diseases.

We believe the human affinity for nature, fostered by a direct emotional connection with the marine environment, will restore the balance between our city and our bay. Through our Healthy Harbor projects, programs, and partnerships, we are educating the public about what lives beneath the surface and how we can all fight for the urban ecosystem through actions we take.

Clean water means cleaning and greening neighborhoods, and a healthy harbor equals a healthy city.

Click here to learn more about the Healthy Harbor Plan. 


CARE Community Mural
CARE Community Mural
Floatilla for a Healthy Harbor
Floatilla for a Healthy Harbor
Paddle with us!
Introducing Professor Trash Wheel
Introducing Professor Trash Wheel
Meet Baltimore's 2nd Trash Wheel!
Healthy Harbor Wildlife Photo Contest
Healthy Harbor Wildlife Photo Contest

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Excited about the 2nd Annual Floatilla for a Healthy Harbor but don't feel comfortable kayaking? Join us tomorrow morning from
RT @MrTrashWheel: Exciting news! You now have another opportunity to buy a Keepin' it Wheel t-shirt. HealthyHarbor 14 0
Of all places, Westeros could really use a trash wheel to clean up their mess. MrTrashWheel 15 64
Any plans to raise funds for another Trash Wheel? Maybe on the Potomac?
Mr. Trash Wheel
Exciting news! You now have another opportunity to buy a Keepin' it Wheel t-shirt.
Healthy Harbor shared Mr. Trash Wheel's
Exciting news! You now have another opportunity to buy a Keepin' it Wheel t-shirt. MrTrashWheel 14 31
The @dailydot claims trash wheels will steal your heart. We actually just ask for them nicely: MrTrashWheel 30 51
Docs from the Docks presents: Landfill Harmonic
What do Megadeth and zero-waste have in common? Join us tomorrow at the Maryland Science Center to find out!
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From the Field: Tracking the health of Baltimore’s hidden streams - Chesapeake Bay Program
“I think it’s safe to say that Blue Water Baltimore, and for myself personally, we all are really looking forward